Incorporating our Ceramic Carbon Resistor Technology, HVR Earthing Sticks have been developed specifically for use in High Voltage, High Energy Discharge Applications where operator safety is the prime concern.


Each Earthing Stick is ergonomically designed and is assembled with an integral handle and protection shield. Stored Energy is safely discharged into the Ceramic Resistor Discs via the Discharge Probe and Aluminium Terminal.

A permanent Earth connection can be maintained using the Earth Hook and High Voltage Cable, assembled at the other end of the Resistor Stack.



Standard Types have been developed for Disc Diameters in the range 32mm - 75mm, however the selection of Disc Type and quantity used will be dependant upon Voltage and Energy Levels and will therefore vary between specific applications.

As a general rule, HVR Earthing Sticks are designed to limit the Discharge Current to a maximum of 50 Amps. As with all HVR Ceramic Resistor Assemblies, the maximum Continuous Disc Operating Temperature will be limited to 150˚C.

Previous Examples include:


Assembly Resistance:

500R0 10%

Max. Successive Operations:

4 x 10 kJ (Without Cooling)

Max. Cont. Repetition Rate:

1 x 10 kJ every 480 s

ΔT Peak (1 x 10 kJ every 480 s):

≤ 110 C

Impulse Voltage:

≥ 20 kV (CR = 25,000 s)


Assembly Resistance:

440R0 10%

Max. Successive Operations:

1 x 400 kJ (Without Cooling)

Max. Cont. Repetition Rate:

1 x 400 kJ every 5400 s

ΔT Peak (1 x 400 kJ every 5400 s):

≤ 150 C

Impulse Voltage:

≥ 22 kV (500 / 500,000 s)


Please note that HVR offers a 'Free of Charge' design service.

Our Applications Department will be pleased to offer a design and quotation tailored to meet your specific requirements:

  Design Parameters:   Your Details:  
  Charge Voltage:   Name:  
  Capacitance:   Position:  
  Discharge Energy:   Company:  


(If this field is left blank, we will recommend a Maximum Discharge Repetition Rate with your Design Proposal).

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