APRIL 2009 - HVR wins The Queen's Award for Enterprise 2009


HVR International Ltd Managing Director, Alan Wilson, receives The Queen's Award from Her Majesty's Lord Lieutenant.

Also pictured is the Mayor of South Tyneside, Councillor John Anglin and fellow HVR Directors (from left to right) Stephen Elliott, Kevin McLaughlin and John Ketchin.

Date of presentation: 29 July 2009


In 2009, HVR International Limited celebrated the receipt of The Queen's Award for Enterprise, in recognition of outstanding achievement in the International Trade Category.


Managing Director, Alan Wilson said “We are delighted to have won The Queen’s Award for the first time, having increased our export earnings by more than 80% over three years".


"The success of HVR is grounded on expanding the range and variety of applications for our resistors in new markets worldwide, with over 95% of our products now exported. Furthermore, our growth has culminated in the creation of more than 20 new jobs”.


Company Technical Director Kevin McLaughlin added “Most of our resistors are produced for export, and the credit crunch has not impacted on us. This is mainly because we are supplying resistors for High Voltage and Transmission System projects, which are often extended, 10-year capital programmes”.


“About 95% of our resistors are exported to places including China, Korea, Japan, India, Europe, the USA and Brazil. The company’s expansion plans have been driven forward in part  by the international growth in Wind Turbine Technology and the subsequent increased demand for resistors”.


MARCH 2008 - HVR PENTAGON LTD is Established


HVR PENTAGON LTD is one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of Wire-Wound Power Resistors, Anti-Condensation Heaters and Thermostats.


These product ranges have been produced on the Birmingham site since 1973, initially under the name Pentagon Electrical Products Limited. This company was established by engineers with many years experience in the manufacture of Wire-Wound and Corrugated Tape Wound Power Resistors. This wealth of knowledge and expertise, maintained and expanded over a 35 year period, has now been incorporated into the successful HVR Group of Resistor Technology Companies.


Our open wire-wound, vitreous enamelled and heavy-duty protected resistors can be supplied to precise customer specifications. Typical applications include dynamic braking, starting resistors, discharge resistors and loading resistors. Application environments include Traction, Wind Turbines, Switchgear, Military, Industrial Motors & Power Electronics.


Our anti-condensation heaters are designed for use in switch and control gear cubicles, ensuring system integrity by keeping condensation at bay. We can also supply a range of thermostats for use with these anti-condensation heaters. They offer exceptionally rapid response times and close operating differential.


HVR Pentagon was formed in February 2008 with the aim of expanding its market globally with a continuing emphasis on applications where high quality products are paramount.


Our continuing policy is to supply the highest quality and most appropriate Resistor Products with the shortest possible delivery times. In this respect HVR Pentagon has few competitors.

Key Features: Dynamic Braking Fixed or Adjustable
  Vitreous Enamelled Low Inductance Windings Available
  Open Wire-Wound 30W to 4kW Power Rating
  Heavy Duty Wire-Wound Axial & Vertical Through Bolt Mounting
  Corrugated Tape-Wound NATO Specification Mounting Clips
  Enclosed Resistor Units Free Design Service

Other products available include Anti-Condensation Heaters, Thermostats & Hygrostats

For more information, please contact HVR Pentagon Ltd:


HVR Pentagon Limited

Unit 2

Kings Road Industrial Estate

Tyseley, Birmingham

B11 2AX, UK







+ 44 (0) 121 773 2413

+ 44 (0) 121 772 7322




OCTOBER 2007 - HVR INTERNATIONAL GmbH is Established


HVR International GmbH, formerly known as C. Conradty Mechanical & Electrical, has been producing Silicon Carbide Varistors in Röthenbach near Nürnberg since 1953.


During  1974, the company also commenced the manufacture of Zinc Oxide Varistors. In the Nineties however, the manufacturing of ZnO Varistors was transferred to China.


HVR's Silicon Carbide Varistors are suitable for use in a wide variety of electronics applications, including:

  Industrial Consumer
  Power Automation

For more information, please contact HVR International GmbH:


HVR International GmbH

Grünthal 8


Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz








+ 49 (0) 911 376586-11

+ 49 (0) 911 376586-15



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