The SR Series of Surge Resistors for PCB mounting are manufactured from a carefully selected mixture of clays, alumina and carbon. After blending, the material is pressed to the required shape and then fired, in a controlled atmosphere, at high temperature.


This sintering process produces a Ceramic Carbon Resistor which is 100% active material and therefore of minimum size. The SR Series feature Gold Plated Brass spring pin terminations for ease of assembly into Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's). Dielectric withstand and mechanical robustness are enhanced by the UL94 V-0 approved epoxy resin coating.


Compact in size and with high surge energy rating, the modular SR Series is designed to provide the optimum solution to many Power Electronics applications; notably soft starting the DC link capacitors in Switch Mode Power Supplies. Inherently non-inductive and capable of withstanding transient high voltage impulses, the SR Series is similarly effective with respect to overvoltage protection and crowbar discharge applications.

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